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A couple of weeks before spring sets in, I can smell the change in the air. By the end of march I usually can not wait any longer to leave winter behind and embrace the new spring season. This means hitting the RESET Button in every way possible. Switching up my wardrobe with thinner, finer materials, bright colors and a new style. Changing up my beauty products, hair and makeup. Laying down a new exercise routine and trying out spring recipes. And of course, it is time to refresh my home with a good scrub and switch up the interiors.

It is amazing how much a space can transform with a few slight alterations here and there. No need to go on a full blown furniture and decoration spree. You don’t need more stuff. In fact, less stuff is even better! I found that the key factors to a crisp, fresh space are LIGHT, SCENT, a little CHANGE and NATURE.


First of all, start decluttering! Free your space of anything that is not of the essence. Get rid of old magazines, papers, books, pictures, DVDs and other clutter, unless you really can’t live without it. Throw out decor that doesn’t give you a thrill any more. Go through your wardrobe any donate everything that you are not excited about wearing next winter season. Try to remove as much unneeded stuff as possible. Don’t shy away from removing outdated/broken/worn out furniture, rugs, unused electronic devices and other household supplies. The rule of thumb is: Everything that is not essential to a beautiful, functional and practical home and is taking up space has to go. After you have stripped your home to its bare core, the magic can begin.


Open all of the curtains and windows and let your home air out for about 4-5 hours. Light will inject your space with new life. While you’re at it, strip your bedding and air out mattress, pillows and blankets. Pop everything in the washer, if possible. Now it’s time to think about deep cleaning carpets and washing all of the smaller rugs, curtains, table cloths, pillow cases, etc. Give your home a good dusting and scrubbing and get into all of the corners on the floor, inside cabinets and under furniture. The kitchen and bathroom require special attention! Get inside of the kitchen cabinets and give them a nice wiping. Sort out groceries, utensils, dishes and other stuff you never use. Free the stove and oven area of grease. Sterilize every inch of the bathroom and clear the drainage of every sink in the house. Good job, now your place should be sparkling. Take a minute and observe your home. It sure looks, smells and feels different, right?



Good news. The hard work is done, now comes the fun. Now you home should feel more spacious and clean, the atmosphere calmer and more serene. The energy is flowing again! Next, I like to embrace the opportunity and replace some furniture pieces with a more modern, clean and functional version that works better with the rest of the space.

So I got rid of my dusty, old fashioned dining chairs and opted for IKEAs TOBIAS clear and flexible ones. Their transparent appearance doesn’t clutter the room and obstract the sight, which is always a plus in small spaces.


A great occasion to switch out your bedding. My down-filled blanket was getting too heavy and warm for the spring season so I have replaced it with a 100% cotton quilt. It’s the perfect thickness, colorful and fun! As an extra treat a new memory foam pillow. No more restless nights.


Bringing on more bursts of colors, I exchanged my couch pillow cases with a fresh design. On top of that I splurged on some art and hung Van Gogh’s Almond Blossoms, which really brightens up the place.


To top everything off I wanted to give my home a signature scent. I was getting tired of candles, incense, room sprays and all of those chemicals. I wanted something natural that would clean the air and give it a fresh kick. So I finally caved and got a diffuser and it has changed my life. Some water and a couple of drops of essential oils and the place feels like a spa. At the time I am using MUJIs peppermint and lemongrass oils and can not wait to try more.



I have to admit, my relationship with living plants has been a little rocky. I simply don’t have that green thumb and have managed to suffocate every pot plant I have ever bought or that was given to me. I still feel that living plants and flowers really awaken a space. They look great, clean the air and can even help you sleep better. Every now and then I like to walk through the flower market and pick up some low maintanance branches or tulips. Even if your place is small and too dark for many plants like mine, a little goes a long way. Pop them in a nice vase and voilá.


What are YOUR TOP TIPPS to refresh your home for spring?




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